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Who Moved My Cheese?

Who moved my cheese?

A short comment for a little book written by Spencer JOHNSON.

It reads in an hour.

Little but useful.

Not useful because you will discover many new things; you should not learn great lessons in its pages. Rather, you should come to realize during your reading that this book is about you. Me. Any of us.


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Le lapin et le hibou


Nous vous proposons la suite des fables d’AC Mentoring.

Il était une troisième fois, un beau successeur

Dont nous avons vu que les trois prédécesseurs,

Pour des causes diverses, avaient très, très mal fini,

Suite à de divers et tristes embrouillaminis.

Cette fois le Raboliot avait tout préparé

Par Xavier GUY
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Reverse mentoring: is it really a good idea?

Mentoring drawing

Reverse Mentoring has been a much-talked subject for the last two years. Mostly when the subject is how to make generations cooperate within companies, as it appears obvious that ‘digital natives’ can teach a thing or two to their older managers. And this could be useful in our VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous).

One of the interesting examples is probably the under-35 years old ‘Shadow Comex’ implemented by Accor, the hospitality mega-corp (Accor Hotel Group launched a shadow executive committee).

Why stop there?

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