How to Identify high potential employees?

High Potential business woman 3

What do we call a real « High Potential »? How can we identify them and what should we do with them? A “High Potential person” is someone who has the potential skills to lead the development and transformation of a part of the organization. Indeed, the ability to objectively and accurately select and develop the people with a high leadership potential, and keep them on board, is critical for ensuring long-term growth and success of the organization.

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Are you really the best manager?

Young executive

I feel didn’t get much from the management trainings I have received. It’s nice that my company is trying to support me, but “Leadership 101” or “A Good Manager Is A Good Coach”, while treating key subjects, could not really help me in my daily activities, facing my very specific collaborators. What to do then?

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Projection & Maîtrise

obrazekJe me suis déchiré 2 ligaments de la cheville gauche, il y a 3 ans.
Cette expérience, certes douloureuse, m’a été très utile. J’en ai tiré deux enseignements que je m’efforce de toujours mettre en oeuvre, dorénavant.

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Un CDI, quel intérêt dans une carrière ?

CDIChangera ? Changera Pas ? Un de nos gouvernants prendra-t-il un jour la décision de réformer le régime des contrats de travail ?
Peu importe, n’attendez pas et prenez-vous en main.
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References Check

ReferencesI’m often asked if there is a special approach of recommendations and skills endorsements on Linkedin and how these may differ from the references you need to prepare when taking part in a selection process.
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Tolerate your mediocre managers; lose your best elements.

managerToday, most managers accept the idea that it is their duty to develop their collaborators. This means, among others:
– spotting High Potentials and help them designing a path to reach their optimum,
– pushing the ‘Good-In-Job’ so they deliver at peak level and training them so they can take on more responsibilities,
– giving the ‘Overqualified’ some tutoring and training duties, making them represent their unit in cross-departments projects: finding for them ways to still progress, while they wait for the next opportunity at the right level.

In real life, though, very few manage to do so.
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Too Much To Do & Not Enough Done

over_workedThis year has not started easy for me. Lots of work, tough work/life balance, health issues all around…
I have spent most of the time focusing on giving the best answer I could to what was happening and I must confess I somewhat lost sight of the big picture. I was not even really conscious that I had been working on auto-pilot.
If you read my blog, you have probably been able to guess something was going on as I did not issue a single post since my New Year’s wishes…

When you do your best, dealing with daily issues, your best soon turns out to be not enough, though! And this can’t be accepted.
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2015: A year to act!

2015Dear all,
I would like to wish you a very good year 2015!

It is my hope that this new year will see many of us DO things and become in some way entrepreneurs.
I don’t particularly mean it in the business sense. I just wish we would all take things in our hands, to various degrees, and become actors of our lives, not passive by-standers.

I wish we would now try to make our time matter. Time passes fast and I, like too many of us, often find I have nothing to show, having wasted precious hours and days looking for opportunities, getting prepared, waiting to begin but not quite daring to ACT.

We can’t expect things to come to us, whether at work, in our social environment or in personal life. We have to go and get them.

As I have done over the last few years, I will try to support you in making your projects come true, whether changing jobs, finding back one, or becoming a better manager.
Later on in January my first book: La Quête, will be released in French on this blog as a pay-as-you-want e-book. The English & updated version will then be issued in May. Both aim to help you find new career opportunities, whether you already have a job or are unemployed.
In the last quarter of 2015 I will also publish a handbook of management, based on my last years of mentoring experience.

In 2015, I will do things.
What about you?

A few words about talent retention

TalentsI first titled this post ‘Is it possible to keep the talents in your company?’
But there is no real point there:

  1. They will ultimately leave anyway.
  2. It is not good to want them to stay with you forever.

So what? Should we even bother and care? Of course we should, with a lucid and realistic mind.
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« Mais pourquoi m’appelez-vous ? »

kotekLorsque j’accompagne mes managers à faire leurs premiers pas dans le monde merveilleux du réseau, pour d’abord obtenir des informations, et dans un second temps aller offrir leurs services, arrive fatalement le moment où ils évoquent, interloqués, leur premier mauvais coup de fil téléphonique.
Je ne parle pas des appels durant lesquels ils ont bafouillé ou n’ont pas été convaincants, mais de la première fois où ils tombent sur un mauvais client…
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