Assessment & Development Centers

Identify and evaluate an individual’s skills/competences portfolio as well as the main work attitudes, in order to develop further the existing strengths and remove the blockers, by revealing their potential they will meet their company’s expectations but most of all they will blossom in their professional life.

Career Change Mentoring

Based on our experience of over 800 carried out successful outplacements, we transform all career transition period into real business development & market analysis programs, supervised by a mentor, in order to proceed to making key decisions and choices for the future career, and not just find a new job.

Business set-up Mentoring

Support individuals who want to start up their own business in defining their project, vision, values, in building their offer with matching pitches, and finally implementing operationally their business model and business plan.

Recruitment of key people

Find on the job market or directly in targeted companies the most relevant candidates, when internal solutions have been ruled out, who will best match the needs of our clients in terms of skills, competences and values. The candidates we propose will all consider our clients’ offer as an opportunity to not only develop professionally but also to pursue their work/life balance goals

Collective Outplacement Programs

Support a group of individuals who are made redundant at the same time in setting up their own business or bouncing back on the job market, through individual work sessions on career and project analysis as well as workshops on communication & interviews, companies targeting and project follow-up.


Japanese term generally translated as “joie de vivre”, “raison d’être”, and/or “mission of life”.
Support, during a two-day event, individuals in realizing themselves, by (re)discovering their strongest talents and developing their self-confidence and assertiveness so that they can take the lead of their career and claim a better work/life balance. This newly acquired awareness can become the starting point of a personal journey towards well-being and performance. As for happiness, the truth lies more in the travel than in the destination.