Mixing face-to face engagement and distant monitoring has become a reality for Managers. Access this guide to get best practices and tips for managing remote workers. We have suddenly and unwittingly entered a future world of work. The Covid-19 situation rimes with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), forcing us to work differently, and forcing many managers […]

The last months have made me questioned so many things I used to take for granted.   I realized once again that reality enjoys disruption, as John Lennon sang in one of my favorite songs from him “Beautiful Boy” (hence the title of this article). We constantly have to adapt and develop new ways. Darwin […]

Much more than a “buzz word”, trust is a real skill for a manager. For the last few years we have been reading many articles or hearing many voices explaining why management by trust is “the ultimate tool” used to survive crises, to generate the engagement of collaborators and therefore productivity. One of the most […]


The situation we are currently living is unprecedented. There is something out there we don’t see, don’t understand much about, and can’t quite grasp, which is killing people. The death toll increases each time we plug ourselves into the news stream. It is, very understandably, scary. While fear is a biological necessity, which helps us […]

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  A boring, repetitive, non-rewarding job just for a living and surrounded by bad mood colleagues, who has not once lived this kind of situation? Facing this you can adopt two kinds of behavior: resignation “I am happy enough to have a job; I have loans and I’m not sure to find an equivalent salary elsewhere, […]

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This morning I got up, feeling like sharing an article I read from the Washington Post recently. It has been written by a person who will probably have some real impact on the next generation of students and professionals:William H. McRaven. The advice he gives are rather simple, but do we really try to apply […]

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Have you heard of: Indra NOOYI, Kazuo INAMORI, Anne MULCAHY, Howard SCHULTZ, Meg WHITMAN, Tony HSIEH, Sheryl SANDBERG, Satya NADELLA, Arianna HUFFINGTON, Richard BRANSON, Oprah WINFREY, Larry PAGE, Madeleine ALBRIGHT, Jack MA, Angela MERKEL, Jeff BEZOS, Ginni ROMETTY, Elon MUSK, Cathy ENGELBERT, Steve JOBS… They are a benchmark to many business and government leaders worldwide. What is their management method? It is often based on connecting […]

A short comment for a little book written by Spencer JOHNSON. It reads in an hour. Little but useful. Not useful because you will discover many new things; you should not learn great lessons in its pages. Rather, you should come to realize during your reading that this book is about you. Me. Any of […]