I can’t think of many things as useless as to-do lists. That’s it. I’ve said it. Don’t shoot me just now, hang on a little longer. Honestly, what is their point? The classic to-do list of the managers I’m supporting is a never-ending, un-readable, depressing document, that they don’t much refer to except at the […]

Most of the people I meet in my Career Advice activities (recruitment, assessment and outplacement) are somehow flying blind… This is always very surprising. The generic impression I get 9 times out of 10 after my first meeting is that managers are mostly clueless about what they: – bring/offer to their employer, – have to […]

Excellent!! You have passed all the tests, assessments, interviews and reference checks. You have been patient enough to remain in the process for several weeks, even months… And there it is: the offer letter is in your hand. Now is the time to sit down, take a deep breath and make up your mind. Will […]

Many studies are showing up these days on the internet (mostly regarding France, wonder why?), proving that the best tools for recruitment, both for candidates and recruiters, are ‘classic’ job-boards and ads, even spontaneous (but recommended) applications… They point out that tools like Linkedin are less useful. It would be indeed stupid not to look […]

People who want to change jobs or find a new one today know they have to take a pro-active approach: answering job ads is not enough, recruitment companies work on too few positions… So everyone is networking now, contacting other people who they think can recruit them or lead them to those who would. But […]

The changes in the recruitment market will do us good, right? I usually make a point of writing positive papers; I also have to be a realist… All data in this article are an average of what I have been able to find on both the Polish and French markets, because for once both behave […]

The good days are back: my colleagues in Europe tell me since a few months recruitments have been again rising. You see it by the number of ads, or when companies explain their 2014 strategies. With this trend back, I witness, once more, bad recruitment practices and wrong candidates attitudes. Those who read me are […]

I wanted to title this post: ‘why it is a (very) bad idea to accept your company’s counter-offer…’ I finally decided to try writing without prejudices a paper on people who hand out their resignation to their employers after having accepted to join another and are suddenly facing a refusal as they managers come to […]