Change Management

Roll out a program mixing individual and collective support to enable the transformation of an organization which helps each individual developing in their practices and accepting change by building themselves the new processes.

Agile Governance

Help organizations adopt a new model of leadership that combines clear and written decision-making processes with practical, precise & explicit rules of the game, allowing everyone to take full control of the roles entrusted to them thanks to a reassuring, empowering & protective framework.

Lean Management

Put individuals at the center of a systematic process of continuous improvement and resources optimization and empower them thanks to two guiding lines “the client is at the core of all processes” and “the one who does, knows, and therefore decides”.

Organization Audit

Identify improvement possibilities in terms of management, communication and organization, through an audit consisting, among other things, of individual interviews & shadowing lead by several mentors and team-meetings or Management Committees meetings facilitations.

Empowerment in practice

Support directions-led programs aiming at setting up a more responsive shared governance, by designing and implementing the operational rules of delegating power and capacities thanks to a tailor-made program of collective trainings and individual mentorings.