Who Moved My Cheese By Spencer JOHNSON By Franck TOURTOIS. A short comment for a little book. It reads in an hour. Tops. Little but useful. Not useful because you will discover many new things; you should not learn great lessons in its pages. Rather, you should come to realize during your reading that this book […]

Tribal Leadership, by Dave Logan By Cyril OGEE This books provides an incredible method to executives on how to use groups or circles of employees – called corporate tribes – for maximizing productivity and profit. It is based on a 10-year long rigorous research study. Have you heard of: Sheryl SANDBERG, Indra NOOYI, Elon MUSK, Satya NADELLA, Meg WHITMAN, Tony HSIEH, Richard […]

The One Minute Manager from Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson   I recommend this book to most of the individuals I support into becoming a manager for the first time. And to a big chunk of those who are already experienced. My mistake: I should impose its reading to all of them. Since it is […]

fish-book Lundin

  A boring, repetitive, non-rewarding job just for a living and surrounded by bad mood colleagues, who has not once lived this kind of situation? Facing this you can adopt two kinds of behavior: resignation “I am happy enough to have a job; I have loans and I’m not sure to find an equivalent salary elsewhere, […]

Our Iceberg is melting

Have you read ‘Our iceberg is melting’ by John KOTTER & Holger RATHGEBER Here is a short fable (120 pages, illustrations included) that we encourage you all to read. At AC Mentoring we love fables, because we believe that thousands of years of community history cannot be wrong: fables are a great way to convey […]