Focus on mutual support and solidarity to achieve our goals.
We offer our support in an explicit and transparent way. We share and transfer our knowledge. We recognise our limitations and are able to ask for help.


Believe that the best is yet to come and do not take yourself too seriously.
We are committed to being part of the solution, not part of the problem. We keep smiling and humorous, considering that the glass can be refilled. We speak in the future tense rather than the conditional tense.


Be open, honest, committed and caring.
We favour the “we” over the “I” in our constant search for integrity and correctness. We act consistently with our purpose. We say what we do and commit to doing what we say.


Cultivate benevolence, respect and trust in advance.
We adopt a posture of listening and candid presence, to understand in depth rather than judge. We take a keen interest in people and the systems of which they are a part, to accompany them as closely as possible to their reality. We share our feelings in complete transparency and encourage a voice aligned with ideas, desires and the will to act.


Be accountable for our actions and their results.
We strive for success, with the support of others through a culture of feedback and a willingness to learn continuously. We take initiatives in a transparent way and know how to acknowledge and assume our mistakes. We try to measure our impact so that we can drive the changes we make.


Freely expressing one’s uniqueness in welcoming the group.
The person I am can show himself in his difference and be fully accepted by the group. I sincerely share my dreams, my ideas, my emotions in all spontaneity and security, with the intention of enriching the “us”. We believe that a healthy and sustainable “we” emerges from a group of individuals who have the conditions to flourish.