Executive Coach & Advisor

For 30 years Jean-Marc had various experiences in the car industry, at first in the product development areas for a carmaker and a first-tier supplier. His most significant experience is probably the management during 5 years of the dashboard engineering team at Renault. Later he has been in charge, as Managing Director of one and then two subsidiaries of an international automotive supplier (Bosal). During this period, he had to face various change situations (loss of significant business, increase of customers logistic requirements, etc), making him develop & practice his methods for permanently adapting organizations.
In 2013 Jean-Marc joined A.C. Mentoring. With his various industrial experiences, Jean-Marc is able to help directors optimizing their organizations. His approach always aims at finding the right place for each people (training and mentoring being some of the tools used to reach this goal) and at ultimately building a new organization and new ways of working, giving the company the best possible AGILITY.
Jean-Marc is convinced that AGILITY is one of the key tools to remain competitive whatever the markets variations, the toughness of customers’ requirements, or the capacities of the competitors.
He has graduated from the ‘’Université de Technologie de Compiègne UTC’’ with an engineering degree in Mechanics.

Cyril OGÉE

Management Mentor & Responsive Organizations Coach

Cyril strives to guide people and organizations. As a mentor, he helps teams and executives to develop assertiveness and leadership for an easier transformation, that has become vital due to digital business disruption. He walks along them to the top, helping them reveal their full potential. He helps Executives to better control their organization, clarifying their mission and the rules they operate with. He encourages a small agile teams’ organizational approach.
Through 25 years of working experience as a Manager, as an Exec and as a Consultant, Cyril has learnt that this management style pays off and makes organizations successful.
Indeed, new organizational agile models enable us to face the complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty of VUCA 21st century’s economy. Having skilled people is useful only if they can decide in their roles. We are currently experiencing a huge transformation due to IoT, blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotics. The pyramidal management inherited from Taylor management (1911) doesn’t operate anymore. We need more human organizations of work, allowing mutual aid and co-operation.

Cyril is a Holacracy practitioner and coach certified by HolacracyOne® via iGi Partners in 2018 as well as NLP technician certified by the European Coaching Association (MHD) in 2017.
He graduated from the Kedge Business School in 1994, with a Master of Arts in Marketing and graduated of a Digital Marketing & Business Transformation MBA at EDH Group (EFAP) business school in 2018.


Career & Management Mentor

In 2011, Franck created AC Mentoring.
He currently focuses his activities over Poland, France and Belgium and works both in English and French. Over the last 20+ years, he has specialized in:
– Leadership Development and Management, delivering Management Coaching/Mentoring for individuals and teams, trainings, as well as Assessment/Development Centers,
– Career Optimization, carrying out Outplacement programs or some rare Executive Search assignments,
– Team Empowerment and Responsive Shared Governance, facilitating collective purpose sessions (vision, values…) and rolling out change programs.
Franck provides methods, tools & processes so individuals can become more assertive and agile in order to lead their own careers, to peak-perform and optimize work/life balance. Regarding companies as well, his methods aim to directly generate efficient organizational changes which are financially sound.
He graduated from the Kedge Business School, with a Master of Administration. Before he created AC Mentoring, Franck had been managing some of the Accetis Group practices (automotive, industry…) and/or subsidiaries (England, Poland, France) in challenging growth and/or restructuring contexts, directly implementing in his environment the ideas he now supports his clients with.


Dominika LA CROIX

Senior Executive Search & Outplacement Consultant

Dominika La Croix has over 14 years of experience in Executive Search and HR advisory services. She has been working as a Manager and Consultant since 2005 first in her previous French executive search company and from July 1st, 2018 in Assertive Career Mentoring Poland.
Before joining HR Consultancy companies, she was employed on Sales & Marketing positions within different sectors.
Dominika specializes in executive search and recruitments of top and middle managerial positions as well as outplacements programs and assessment/ development center projects.

Magdalena NIEĆ

Senior Executive Search Consultant, Business Coach & Trainer

Magdalena has over 17 years of professional experience in HR Advisory and general management. She delivered several hundreds of recruitment projects from middle to top managerial positions both in Poland and in the CEE Region. She is a certified user of various psychometric tools.
From 2007 to 2013 she realized a number of trainings delivered for a European Union Operational Program for Poland called “Human Capital”. For 9 years she has successfully managed the Polish subsidiary of a French Executive Search group.
She is now managing Assertive Career Mentoring in Poland.
She works in English, Polish and French.

The team



Consultante en Business Development & Marketing

Céline has more than 20 years of experience in Business development & Marketing B2B2C within house ware (furniture, sanitary, floor covering…) and building sector companies. Project Managment is the guiding thread of her profesionnal experience as a product manager/ range manager for Kohler Europe (Jacob Delafon), or as a Market Manager for France/Spain/Benelux by Villeroy & Boch and as well as a Marketing Director South Europe/Africa by Interface.
She has a great expertise of the home Decoration World and interior Design and also of Workplace and Hospitality sectors and of their challenges and constraints.
As a 5 years Consultant with leading companies in the building sector, in the Design environment and also in flooring and wall covering businesses, Céline intervenes on concrete sales development & marketing issues.
She also trains sales forces team on dedicated topics, keys for these markets such as: acoustic, colors, light …

A graduated of the ESSEC, of Plymouth University -BA international Business and of ICADE MADRID – Marketing & Advertising specialization, Céline has a great flexibility and ability to analyze and adapt to various environments. She also has expertise in transversal, multidisciplinary project Management and can work in 4 languages: French, English, Spanish and German.

Isabelle BUCHY

Effective management of internal & external resources Mentor

For 20 years within the Telco and IS sectors, as a purchase manager Isabelle has always simplified organization to improve performance, and as a project manager, she has focused on generating synergies. Today, this allows her to support companies in order to make the most of their human and technological resources & external services. She also promotes and implement collective intelligence approaches in order to generate efficiency (design thinking…).


Professional Development Coach & Outplacement Consultant

Danièle is AC Mentoring’s expert in collective outplacement. She leads all our projects of collective outplacement, coordinating all the actions and resources useful for a successful, sustainable and most of all humane completion of the programs.
As a coach specializing in career guidance and career mobility, Danièle follows individuals in these change processes individually and works more specifically on assessments, skills assessments and the development of promising career projects such as business creation or new orientation. Psychologist, she knows how to coach people smoothly, with benevolence and taking time to address people fears and anguish. She also assists HR managers in legal procedures and negotiations with staff representatives and unions.

Victoria GERMAIN

Communication & Community Manager

After her master’s in digital marketing and several experiences in agencies and start-ups, Victoria has been a freelancer for 1 year now. She supports start-ups in developing their digital presence.

Xavier GUY

Crisis & Risk Management mentor

A specialist of Lean & profit management as well as an expert in Labor Law, Xavier’s approach relies first and foremost on giving autonomy to people and teams. He helps building managers’ assertiveness, so they become true leaders.
With high communication skills, explains and simplifies process, shares his vision and strategy. A “doer” above all, he is a huge fan of experimenting and the agile method. Hands-on he has created and implemented robust continuous improvement programs which factor in the specificities of companies’ culture & history.
He has started his career in the industry (automotive, air & space, chemical products or electronics) and then the logistics/ 3PL sector. He has been for over 20 years a site general manager, specialized in turn-around to generate cash.
He is also AC Mentoring’s poet & fabulist.


Agile Coach

Reda is an expert of the agile approach and has been a dedicated practitioner of Framework Scrum for over 5 years. He has learnt agile methods first as a Scrum Master, then a Product Owner and is today an Agile Coach. A natural communicator he has dedicated his practice to enabling communication between teams. Since he started his career as a developer, he is at ease working with both the technical teams and the functional ones. Since he has become a coach, he has supported very different teams towards mastering the arcanes of Agility and Product Management.


Agile Coach

Armelle Kraffmüller: personal development to support professional growth.

After having been a marketing & communication manager for 15 years in the new technology sector, Armelle decided to align her values with her career and the topics she was passionate about. She has trained in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis and coaching.

Nowadays she supports professionals in understanding the personal obstacles to their professional development: stress, anxiety, work/life balance issues communication & interpersonal relations…

In her practice in Rueil-Malmaison. she receives young adults to help them prepare for key moments in their school life and adults during professional transition times, for instance.

Marie-Aude LAGACHE

Professional Mediator, Interpersonal Relationship Trainer & Coach

After a career in Sales & Account Management (financial services, ERP software…), Marie-Aude trained to become a Professional Mediator. She had witnessed in the companies she had worked for and with too many dysfunctions, misunderstandings and even conflicts due to bad communication and she wanted to tackle these issues.
Today she helps individuals interact better with others by using the tools and concepts of mediation, either through trainings she gives or her mentoring programs. She also performs conflict mediations.
Within AC Mentoring she also facilitates team working groups, like CoDevelopment sessions.


Digital Transformation Consultant

For the past 25 years, he has been practicing Finance, Supply Chain and Customer Relationship Management in top positions within the healthcare industry. Today, with this experience and an MBA in marketing and digital business, he supports companies in this sector, facing challenges to transform their organization and customer strategies. He contributes to their understanding of the digital transformation, the design of their strategies by using, among other things, problem-solving approaches, with a focus on the customer or patient “journey”.


Graphic Facilitator

When I was young, I liked to summarize. Understand and clarify.
25 years later, I found an interest in drawing. See.
Now I’m a graphic facilitator. Reflect and bring out.


Collective Intelligence Trainer & Head Hunter

As a specialist of recruitment by direct approach, Lydie has been assisting SMBs and large groups for more than 8 years in building their teams. A certified trainer in Process Communication Model PCM®, she recruits and sources candidates through the identification and assessment of skills so that people are aligned with the company culture. She organizes training for teams to professionalize the way they recruit.
Originally graduated from the Institute of Political Studies in Grenoble, Lydie has spent more than 15 years in the media sector, within Liaisons Sociales and then Le Monde before focusing her career in the field of Human Resources Consulting. Through her various collaborations, she has developed knowledge on a wide range of businesses and sectors.


Katarzyna DUSZCZYK

Recruitment Consultant

Katarzyna joined as a Research Consultant in december 2017 and became a Recruitment in less than 2 years. Recently she graduated in Business Psychology, which helps her in her daily challenges. Her main responsibility is to identify and contact the best individuals for specialist and managerial positions. What is more, she is the main caretaker of Assertive Career Mentoring Poland’s communication and she acts as a guardian of our company values!

Dominika KOMORA

Research Consultant

In February 2019, Dominika ventured out into the field of executive search and she’s been enjoying it so far. Moreover, she is a translator and an English teacher with more than 12 years’ experience. Being passionate about both English and establishing relations with people, not only does Dominika search for best candidates to match our clients’ profiles but she also monitors the accuracy of all communication materials written in English.

Marlena Markiewicz

Research Consultant
Marlena joined our company in October 2019. She studies Advertisement Strategy & PR, which is going to enable her to solve any marketing-related issues in an innovative way. Online tools are her main area of interest, providing our organisation with a fresh insight into social media and headhunting.

Agnieska MAZUR

Mentor & Mental Coach
Agnieszka acquired her business experience by managing international quality or R&D departments for an FMCG industrial company. She then took on some strategy designing responsibilities and also became an internal coach for her company. While managing projects or teams, she has always introduced innovative ways of training, new organisation models and management styles. Besides being a certified coach, she has studied to become a moderator of Design Thinking and an Agile Scrum Master.
Today as a mentor and mental coach, she is helping both individuals and teams to perform by unleashing their creativity & passion and revealing their full potential.

Karolina Sulima

Research Consultant
Karolina has recently joined our team. She graduated from Psychology with two majors: Organization and Work Psychology and Forensic Psychology. Since she has always considered the human side is the most important she decided to work in HR. For almost 3 years she worked in the HR Department of a production company, before joining us. In her free time she loves cooking, fishing, practicing sports like squash or snowboarding, and very often she goes to Mazury where she has got ‘her place on Earth’.