Onboarding Mentoring

Guide the person during the first 100 days, making sure all aspects of the job definition and assignments are going to be addressed, by training and knowledge transferring on specific management skills, competences and by shadowing the implementation of these in the daily activities of the newly appointed managwer.

Performance mentoring

Co-build practices and develop skills through short mentoring to meet the expectations of the function and drive continuous improvement.

Leadership Training

Train managers or project leaders to assert their authority in a natural way through the right assertive posture so they are able to positively influence the teams in order to achieve a common goal.

Quality of Interpersonal Relationships

Help companies resolve conflicts or improve the quality of relationships and interactions between collaborators, through better communication applying simple concepts of relational engineering studies.

Open Mentoring

Offer a flexible and tailor-made, benevolent but demanding, sharing sessions framework (free sessions proposed at fixed dates) in order to support leaders in dealing with their operational.

Coaching & Personal Development

Enable a person, usually after the results of an Assessment Center, to go through a personal development program to develop their relationship capacities and personal posture.