Our collaboration with AC Mentoring has been developing over the last 2 years in an original and tailor-made manner, focused on 3 services: open-mentoring, team-meeting facilitation through the CoDevelopment approach, and training an internal mentor.
The open-mentoring programs are highly appreciated by our co-workers (Territory Managers) since it allows them to take a step back regarding their role, place in the group and expectations. Thanks to this, they have now a higher positive impact on the organization.
All those who have been through the mentoring program meet afterwards for a monthly CoDevelopment work session which further strengthens their “desire to do things together”. Even those who were skeptical at first never miss the occasion to attend nowadays. We have extended the CoDevelopment practice to the management board – which has been christened “l’Atelier” since then. The results are impressive: increased team cohesion and higher involvement and impact of each member to the Company Project.
To take things to the next level, AC Mentoring has very significantly contributed, through tailor-made trainings, mentoring and supervision, to the development of our recruitment manager into a full-fledged Human Development Director. He is now a specialist of mentoring, CoDevelopment or Non-Violent Communication and has become a real internal addition to the programs the AC Mentoring team is rolling out in our group.
Finally, I am very satisfied I put AC Mentoring in charge of preparing and leading our 2018 annual convention which gathered over 100 managers. This event has since then regularly been called the most successful one of the last 5 years!

Nicols started cooperating with AC Mentoring in 2012, and it has never stopped since: assessment centers for internal promotions or external recruitments, individual coaching of collaborators, trainings, outplacement programs, recruitments for our French and Polish factories, and lately supporting the Management Committee in the implementation of a new cooperative governance, inspired from Holacracy.
We appreciate the wide range of services Franck and his team propose, it helps us at all stages in the life of a collaborator and of our company.
The fact that the AC Mentoring team is multicultural is a real added value: it sure helps that they can support us in the exact same way whether the context is Polish or French.
What we appreciate the most is the relation we built with Franck and his collaborators: we work as real partners. This is why our cooperation has lasted so long and will carry on for a long time

I chose AC Mentoring’s services in 2013, in order to be supported during my professional transition. I had led an atypical career which gave me rich varied experiences, but I did not want to be alone in this change project.
I was right. Franck supported me and gave me an efficient methodology. He always knew when to push me, wait for me or challenge me. He helped me with all my meetings and interviews: how to score them, and when the outcome wasn’t positive how to learn from them.
Since I had really appreciated the service and I had learnt to trust Franck, I called them again at the beginning of last year when I started up my business so I would have their support once more.

I started cooperating with AC Mentoring in 2015, while I was the Central European Managing Director of Manutan. I first received a mentoring and coaching support to help me face the challenges of my job. While afterwards using and benefitting from some of their other services, I have especially appreciated their tailor-made approach, their ability to inspire managers through the support of various complementary mentors who approach issues from different angles.
Choosing AC Mentoring was obvious, as they could offer me a premium consistent and coherent support both in France and in Poland.
This carries on being the case today: I have used their transition support program when I joined Cyclad as Managing Director.
For these reasons I really recommend using AC Mentoring services.