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I feel didn’t get much from the management trainings I have received. It’s nice that my company is trying to support me, but “Leadership 101” or “A Good Manager Is A Good Coach”, while treating key subjects, could not really help me in my daily activities, facing my very specific collaborators. What to do then?

I’m often asked if there is a special approach of recommendations and skills endorsements on Linkedin and how these may differ from the references you need to prepare when taking part in a selection process.

Today, most managers accept the idea that it is their duty to develop their collaborators. This means, among others: – spotting High Potentials and help them designing a path to reach their optimum, – pushing the ‘Good-In-Job’ so they deliver at peak level and training them so they can take on more responsibilities, – giving […]

This year has not started easy for me. Lots of work, tough work/life balance, health issues all around… I have spent most of the time focusing on giving the best answer I could to what was happening and I must confess I somewhat lost sight of the big picture. I was not even really conscious […]

Dear all, I would like to wish you a very good year 2015! It is my hope that this new year will see many of us DO things and become in some way entrepreneurs. I don’t particularly mean it in the business sense. I just wish we would all take things in our hands, to […]

I first titled this post ‘Is it possible to keep the talents in your company?’ But there is no real point there: They will ultimately leave anyway. It is not good to want them to stay with you forever. So what? Should we even bother and care? Of course we should, with a lucid and […]

I am currently making a secret experiment. I am live-testing people’s Linkedin motivation for connection. For the whole month of October, I have accepted all the requests sent to me. And then after having waited one day, I sent, to the ones who had not followed up on their invitation, a little message saying “I’m […]

I very often ask during interviews: “If you had the chance to decide of it, what would you be doing in 5 years from now?” Or something very similar aimed at the not-so-near future. It’s not because I lack imagination and I so much love classic ‘naïve’ interview questions. I’m not asking you to predict […]