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References Check

I’m often asked if there is a special approach of recommendations and skills endorsements on Linkedin and how these may differ from the references you need to prepare when taking part in a selection process.

Tolerate your mediocre managers; lose your best elements.

Today, most managers accept the idea that it is their duty to develop their collaborators. This means, among others: – spotting High Potentials and help them designing a path to reach their optimum, – pushing the ‘Good-In-Job’ so they deliver at peak level and training them so they can take on more responsibilities, – giving […]

Too Much To Do & Not Enough Done

This year has not started easy for me. Lots of work, tough work/life balance, health issues all around… I have spent most of the time focusing on giving the best answer I could to what was happening and I must confess I somewhat lost sight of the big picture. I was not even really conscious […]