This morning I got up, feeling like sharing an article I read from the Washington Post recently. It has been written by a person who will probably have some real impact on the next generation of students and professionals:William H. McRaven.

The advice he gives are rather simple, but do we really try to apply them in our lives? It reminds me of “the One Minute Manager” from K. Blanchard and S. Johnson book we have already commented here which also proposes simple input, which are really powerful when implemented.

By Franck Tourtois.

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Have you heard of: Indra NOOYI, Kazuo INAMORI, Anne MULCAHY, Howard SCHULTZ, Meg WHITMAN, Tony HSIEH, Sheryl SANDBERG, Satya NADELLA, Arianna HUFFINGTONRichard BRANSON, Oprah WINFREY, Larry PAGE, Madeleine ALBRIGHTJack MA, Angela MERKEL, Jeff BEZOS, Ginni ROMETTY, Elon MUSK, Cathy ENGELBERT, Steve JOBS… They are a benchmark to many business and government leaders worldwide.

What is their management method? It is often based on connecting people and establishing a strong culture in the organization. But not only…

By Cyril OGEE

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A short comment for a little book written by Spencer JOHNSON.

It reads in an hour.

Little but useful.

Not useful because you will discover many new things; you should not learn great lessons in its pages. Rather, you should come to realize during your reading that this book is about you. Me. Any of us.


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coaching drawing

Should I ask for a coaching program? Recently, a lot of articles appeared in the professional and management magazines -like the Harvard Business Review– dealing with mentoring and coaching. Now more than ever, it is vital for an organization to evolve and stay ahead of an ever-changing global market. The new “must have” trends for business success are digitalization, shorter go to market cycles, agile project management and new organizational models giving more responsibilities and freedom to employees.

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With huge changes coming with the digital revolution, we see managers wondering what to do and asking themselves if they shouldn’t switch to a new way of managing their employees. Especially when they still work in a hierarchal model, as they know that digital revolution is a real game changer.

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ReferencesI’m often asked if there is a special approach of recommendations and skills endorsements on Linkedin and how these may differ from the references you need to prepare when taking part in a selection process.
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MirrorMost of the people I meet in my Career Advice activities (recruitment, assessment and outplacement) are somehow flying blind…
This is always very surprising. The generic impression I get 9 times out of 10 after my first meeting is that managers are mostly clueless about what they:
– bring/offer to their employer,
– have to do in order to change jobs/get a new one.
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Yes_noExcellent!! You have passed all the tests, assessments, interviews and reference checks. You have been patient enough to remain in the process for several weeks, even months… And there it is: the offer letter is in your hand.
Now is the time to sit down, take a deep breath and make up your mind. Will you accept or resign?
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