Have you heard of: Indra NOOYI, Kazuo INAMORI, Anne MULCAHY, Howard SCHULTZ, Meg WHITMAN, Tony HSIEH, Sheryl SANDBERG, Satya NADELLA, Arianna HUFFINGTONRichard BRANSON, Oprah WINFREY, Larry PAGE, Madeleine ALBRIGHTJack MA, Angela MERKEL, Jeff BEZOS, Ginni ROMETTY, Elon MUSK, Cathy ENGELBERT, Steve JOBS… They are a benchmark to many business and government leaders worldwide.

What is their management method? It is often based on connecting people and establishing a strong culture in the organization. But not only…

By Cyril OGEE

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A short comment for a little book written by Spencer JOHNSON.

It reads in an hour.

Little but useful.

Not useful because you will discover many new things; you should not learn great lessons in its pages. Rather, you should come to realize during your reading that this book is about you. Me. Any of us.


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Internal promotion is the safest way for companies to have good managers, as decisions of recruiting internally are based on having already observed, at length, how the person behaves and acts. And the individual already knows the company as well as the job (to a certain extend at least), saving important on-boarding costs.

There are obviously less risks than recruiting a total stranger, whatever the guarantees taken during the recruitment process.

It’s not risk-free, though.

You, like all newly promoted managers / directors, will have to change, without losing your identity.

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Reverse Mentoring has been a much-talked subject for the last two years. Mostly when the subject is how to make generations cooperate within companies, as it appears obvious that ‘digital natives’ can teach a thing or two to their older managers. And this could be useful in our VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous).

One of the interesting examples is probably the under-35 years old ‘Shadow Comex’ implemented by Accor, the hospitality mega-corp (Accor Hotel Group launched a shadow executive committee).

Why stop there?

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Greta joined the company three years ago, after completing a MBA specialized in Digital Marketing and Business in Paris at EDH Group School. She entirely digitalized the business unit marketing approach. She launched a new interactive and responsive state-of-the-art website, a new App for frequent users, a social media policy – Facebook page + Twitter + Instagram daily news managed by a community manager – as well as a brand new Messenger automated newsfeed Chatbot. Bob, the operations director is very happy with Greta, a very skilled expert in digital.

But how can he keep her on board?

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image of a young manager

Should I promote or fire him?

Have you already had this hard decision to make?

When you have to decide who you will choose between several managers to become a new team leader, and thinking about this, wondering if, after all, you have the right manager team on board?

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coaching drawing

Should I ask for a coaching program? Recently, a lot of articles appeared in the professional and management magazines -like the Harvard Business Review– dealing with mentoring and coaching. Now more than ever, it is vital for an organization to evolve and stay ahead of an ever-changing global market. The new “must have” trends for business success are digitalization, shorter go to market cycles, agile project management and new organizational models giving more responsibilities and freedom to employees.

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With huge changes coming with the digital revolution, we see managers wondering what to do and asking themselves if they shouldn’t switch to a new way of managing their employees. Especially when they still work in a hierarchal model, as they know that digital revolution is a real game changer.

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Is it unclear who said this: Peter Drucker, Lord Kelvin, William Thomson or even maybe Master Yoda? Yearly appraisal, even when you have a nice generic questionnaire provided by HR, does not help enough to follow your people when you are a manager. Even if you do them twice a year. How do you compare two of your direct reports? How do you define what your collaborators need to work on and how they should develop themselves to better support your strategy and meet their goals?

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What do we call a real « High Potential »? How can we identify them and what should we do with them? A “High Potential person” is someone who has the potential skills to lead the development and transformation of a part of the organization. Indeed, the ability to objectively and accurately select and develop the people with a high leadership potential, and keep them on board, is critical for ensuring long-term growth and success of the organization.

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