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If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it

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Is it unclear who said this: Peter Drucker, Lord Kelvin, William Thomson or even maybe Master Yoda? Yearly appraisal, even when you have a nice generic questionnaire provided by HR, does not help enough to follow your people when you are a manager. Even if you do them twice a year. How do you compare two of your direct reports? How do you define what your collaborators need to work on and how they should develop themselves to better support your strategy and meet their goals?

It is possible to make educated, data-driven management decisions on who to promote, whose growth to support within your team.

Peter Drucker If you can't measure it

Peter Drucker

A professional assessment is often the key to such management and HR issues. It has a real predictive quality to it.

Maybe you can’t afford to do assessments for all your collaborators and it’s a little sad: they don’t cost much, especially given their return on investment (ROI).

Lord Kelvin If you can't measure it

Lord Kelvin

At least, let’s talk about how the profiling tools we use can help you defining what both you and your collaborators need to develop and work on in order to succeed together. Whether it is a priorities management matter, a resistance to change, or a difficulty to perceive others’ feelings.


Profiling tools, like the ones Elevate Consulting gives us, provide tangible data to feed our discussions with the persons we assess. And they help us draw the portrait of who they professionally are, versus what they have to become or what they want to turn into.

Profiling give us a T0 picture.

To which you can compare your real-time observations for the next 2 to 3 years. It provides us with a clear insight into what are the current limits, strengths and potential of each one.

Once you know where to start, then only work hard is needed!

With the reports we can offer you, you could really support your teams much better.

William Thomson If you can't measure it

William Thomson

Written by Franck TOURTOIS

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