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picEverything has gone according to the plan: you met your future boss and all stakeholders of your targeted company. The meetings went well because you were prepared: you proved you could bring them value, you have noticed during the discussions they were interested in you and you gently nudged them in projecting themselves in a future with you in it.
That’s the past. What can you do afterwards so they finally cross the bridge and offer you the job?
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magnesSo you want to meet people in charge in other companies, because you would like to change jobs or find your a new one in their organization?
Whether you think you know how to do it, or you don’t have a clue, please take a little time to read the following.
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applyI have been asked to write also for non-French speakers. Rather than translating some of the past articles I decided to take another angle on a subject I have already often written on: how to proceed when you are looking for a job.
Here are a 3 pieces of advice for a start. Many more may come if I discover I have readers in English. :-)
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